Intentional Capitalism

How many times have you been told that business is bad, corrupt, and evil? Or that businesspeople are uncaring, uncompassionate, and greedy fat-cats whose only mission in life is to take care of themselves and their cronies? If you are like most of us, your answer may be often, since this message is reinforced over and over again in movies, television, the news, houses of worship, the campaign trail, and almost everywhere else in popular culture. And while this trope may be true some or even most of the time, it is definitely not always the case, today or historically.  

In this insightful and riveting book, Dr. Hallqvist Todd Gerald Albertson, an expert on social innovation, globalism, and business, examines intentional capitalism, a term he coined to describe a movement as old as history itself. This groundbreaking work examines the dreamers and doers who drive sustained, high-impact social and economic change through the application of business.

Readers will discover in Intentional Capitalism: Sustained, High-Impact Social and Economic Change through the Application of Business, how one person can make an overwhelming difference in the world through business.

This book examines the myriad forms and labels that intentional capitalism can take, from social entrepreneurship to business-as-mission to change making and everything in between. This book is ideal for the practitioner, the scholar, and just the curious, whether in your hometown or across the globe. It will help you see business, businesspeople, and their potential in a whole new way. 


Praise for the Book

In this book, Dr. Hallqvist Albertson demystifies the various faith- and secular-based approaches to missional entrepreneurship and boils them down to simple and easy to understand concepts, thereby allowing the business owner to focus on making their business profitable while still reflecting their values.
— Jack Welch