How many times have you been told that business is bad, corrupt, and evil? Or that businesspeople are uncaring, uncompassionate, and greedy fat-cats whose only mission in life is to take care of themselves and their cronies? If you are like most of us, your answer may be often, since this message is reinforced over and over again in movies, television, the news, houses of worship, the campaign trail, and almost everywhere else we look. And while this trope may be true some, or even most of the time, it is definitely not always the case today, or historically 

In Intentional Capitalism, Dr. Hallqvist Todd Gerald Albertson, an expert on leadership, social innovation, and globalization examines intentional capitalism, a term he coined to describe the movements associated with driving sustained, high-impact social and economic change through the application of business. He argues that both business and capitalism are inherently good and do not contradict the idea of doing good.

Read this book and you will better understand how four specific movements-Christian marketplace ministry, tentmaking, social entrepreneurship, and socially responsible investing-can help build strong businesses while also incorporating incentives beyond profit maximizing.

This book assesses socially responsible and religiously motivated approaches to capitalism...A worthy and concise explanation of mission-driven business theory, with resources for further reading.
— Kirkus Reviews
In this book, Dr. Hallqvist Albertson demystifies the various faith- and secular-based approaches to missional entrepreneurship and boils them down to simple and easy to understand concepts, thereby allowing the business owner to focus on making their business profitable while still reflecting their values.
— Dr. John McArthur
Finally, someone tells it like it is: Christian business is mostly bullshit and instead of preaching about it with their mouth, Christians in business should demonstrate it by their actions.
— Fr. P. J. O'Sullivan
Business is one of the few remaining spheres of influence for the Christian to conquer and bring under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Albertson tells the novice the different ways to do this.
— Loren Cunningham, Co-founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

SCATTERED VOICES | 2017 | US$19.95
ISBN-10: 0985433957 | ISBN-13: 978-0985433956