About Me

Hallqvist Todd Gerald Albertson

Hallqvist Todd Gerald Albertson

My name is Hallqvist Todd Gerald Albertson. My friends just call me "Todd."

I am the CEO of Faith and Market, a business incubator for Christian leaders focusing on intentional capitalism. Previously, I ran an NGO in Asia concentrated on defending the rights of children-at-risk by radically attacking the poverty, hunger, and injustice that enslaves them. I am also a proven entrepreneur, having started and ran several successful technology companies.

In addition, I write and teach about intentional capitalism, globalism, and business.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree with an international business focus from the University of Washington. I hold an MBA from Seattle University, an MA in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a PhD in cultural anthropology from Trinity College. 

I am a traveler to the four corners of the globe and over 125 countries, and now live in Vancouver, British Columbia with my best friend and psychologist wife. When not at work, I can be found cooking for friends and family, reading, fly fishing, or playing the djembe.