Hello, my name is Hallqvist Todd Gerald Albertson and welcome to my website!  My passion is to help people harness the power of business to solve some of the world's toughest and biggest problems.

The first half of my career was spent in technology: working as an analyst for a Swiss venture capital firm focused on new technology; holding various technical marketing positions with Microsoft; starting an applied technology company focused on transportation and logistics; and finally, starting a groupware company. During this time I earned a  BA with an International Business concentration from the University of Washington, an MBA from Seattle University, and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the Trinity Graduate School.

The second half of my career began in 2005 in the field of philanthropy: running an NGO in Asia concentrated on defending the rights of children-at-risk by radically attacking the poverty, hunger, and injustice that enslaves them; and, most recently, founding a firm that provides direction for business and corporate actors to empower people, invest in communities, and create systemic change through the act of philanthropy. During this time I earned an MA in International Development from Fuller Theological Seminary and am finishing a Doctor of Education in Nonprofit leadership from City University. 

I occasionally write and teach on leadership, social innovation, and religious worldview. I am also active on several boards.

For fun, I am a traveler to the four corners of the globe and over 125 countries, an avid reader, a wannabe fly fisher, and an occasional stargazer.